Masturbation May – Day 8: mutual masturbation! I can’t share a pic of our mutual session because IG deletes them, but I can share what I was wearing this morning as I used my left hand to squeeze my left nipple and my right hand, with two fingers ✌?, to strum my clit…then watching him stroke as he watched me, and as he grew closer it pushed my climax, until he groaned, we were in unison, and he  released his joy upon my awaiting breasts. We fall into a relieving embrace, and then he announced my favorite way to begin the day, “its coffee time” ♥️


Masturbation May – Day 9: Exercise the organs for health and hygiene. When a person is comfortable exploring their body and achieving orgasm, they develop a better understanding and connection to that pleasure center, and can master their own climaxes. The yoni egg (lots of opinions out there about this tool) is an exerciser for the vagina. When inserted, it gives weight to the canal, making a woman more cognizant of the area, and requiring her to hold the pelvic floor muscle for an extended period of time. Gaining control over this muscle will greatly improve your masturbation and sex life. With practice (thru exercising the muscles like a daily yoga session), the muscle strengthens and becomes more responsive. More reason to be masturbating. And a tip…use the egg to rub the clit for several minutes before inserting to give your vaginal pathway time to lubricate itself. How long can you hold a yoni egg? Depends on you.


Masturbation May – Day 10: Outdoor Passion! I find nature to be very erotic and I’m an exhibitionist, so quickies in the car are a big time turn on…shh! And be very careful not to expose yourself to anyone. There’s a kink for that…but it’s not the same as harmless self love. Enjoy y’all!


Masturbation May, Day 11: Morning Routine – The time of day that you masturbate is important, so today I’ll explain why a morning routine is beneficial. The chemical release following stimulation to orgasm is doing a lot for the brain, in turn, the body is getting various messages to relax and feel good. The part of your brain responsible for reasoning takes a rest and reduces your anxiety. The deepest, core portion, of your brain is responding to the sensations, and it’s telling your primal senses to awaken and fully experience the pleasure. With the orgasm, the neurotransmitter dopamine informs the body that pleasure is important and that you can feel good, even if only temporary. And the neurotransmitter oxytocin causes us to feel the sense of happiness, closeness and connection…it’s the reason you smile after a kiss. So, think about it like this, a morning orgasm is your happy pill! It’s an antidepressant and a vitamin…take it as often as needed, but be sure to include one in your morning routine  because it’ll make your whole body glow with the sunrise. (Masturbation and self-love are such an important topics for me that I am trying to make this project about more than just my moans or pics…education is critical for human growth) ♥️


Masturbation May – Day 12: Bedtime routine! I couldn’t mention the morning routine yesterday without considering my nighttime one. When I’m not traveling, I enjoy the fun with boyfriend. But once a week, I travel for work and I take a trusty implement with me. I find a nighttime orgasm to be the perfect form of self love before falling asleep like a Queen. ♥️


Masturbation May – Day 13! Monday blues! Don’t get in a rut or let the day of the week drag your mood down. You don’t need Monday blue balls to encourage you to do something to feel good. Self love is about self care…so it’s ok to take good care of you, including your sexual health. 5 very important reasons to masturbate today, just because it’s Monday.


Masturbation May – Day 14: Inspiration is important. When masturbating, try using a past sexual experience that was incredible. I like to think about one particular hot fuck in my car while camping in the Olympic National Forest ♥️ You won’t believe how that can add to the power of your orgasm. Our brains are our first organ to arouse.