Masturbation May – Day 22: Taste! Have you ever licked a pussy or a cock, and thought about the taste?! Believe or not, taste is probably one of the main reasons women won’t pursue oral sex from a man. We are too fucking self-conscious to indulge our pussies. ?? Have you ever done that thing…you know what I’m going to say…cum and then tasted it?! How did it compare to your experiences with the opposite sex? Do you like your taste? If so, by all means, have at it and enjoy! If you don’t, consider a flavored lube…something that doesn’t offend the tongue, and screams cum and get me. Today, ponder what you eat because it affects your taste. And then when you do the deed next, take a sample of your nectar. Kinky or not, we all engage in some form of oral sex, and it’s no different than kissing a man after he’s gone down on you. ??

Masturbation May – Day 23: Erotica! It’s been 23 days of self loving, and some might be getting bored with the old routine. Change it up, try reading a new erotica book, and discover what others get off on. I remember my first time finding Nancy Friday. I was a teenager and learning about “My Secret Garden” was miraculous! I wore out the pages of that book, and I found out what turned me on by reading these erotic fantasies. What erotica authors do you enjoy? Share in the comments.

Masturbation May – Day 24: Blue Balls (epididymal hypertension)! Nope, to answer all the young men out there who ask me if they are causing damage from the blue balls they keep getting. Hey guys, I can keep teasing you for life and it’ll never be damaging despite the rhetoric we may hear. Hooray for blue balls! Your junk works, now take the responsibility of keeping those bad boys happy by beating them up ??‍♀️?? And just so you don’t feel too picked on today?, even the lady parts get colorful when cranky. Easy solution…go fuck yourself! ♥️

Masturbation May – Day 25: Edging the garden! Now I don’t actually subscribe to edging for myself because I’m a greedy girl and think if you can have orgasms, by the multiples, then more power to you. But I know the concept of edging is really important to some people. I’ve heard all about how learning to let the orgasm build then it’s so much more intense. Does this work for you to edge? How long do you go? Tell me in the comments what edging does to improve your masturbation game. And let’s try denying for a bit to see where we go. ?

Masturbation May – Day 26: Group Sex! I love how a month of masturbating has led to a movement. There are Masturbat-athons everywhere and for very worthy causes. More power to you! I say as long as you’re enjoying it and not hurting anyone, then let your kinks go and just be. The Velvet Rope has the longest running monthly gang bang in the west. I also reached out to them to confirm the record numbers; the single lady record holder is 26, and the group sex record is in the mid 140’s. Tonight is the gang bang, and it’s expected to start summer off with an explosion of naughty. Cum check it out tonight @tvr_pdx

Masturbation May – Day 27: Phone Sex.  Let’s talk about the phone and it’s modern day technology. Before cell phones, internet chat rooms, and messaging apps, we were reduced to using the landline to whisper sweet nothings to our partners. It was an interesting time when you had to describe what you were doing (without using italics) so that the other could do the same, and the two of you would verbally “get off.” I’m sure this was a physical exercise as well, but the phone is what connected the two in their coital bliss. These days we have the phone, and so many more functions within the capability of a cell phone. After reading articles about whether anyone participates in phone sex anymore, I came across the idea that texting/sexting seems to be easier to make yourself vulnerable because it is providing a buffer, and it made me consider that while the concept of pay per minute phone sex is going by the wayside, we have very much turned to our phones to get some needs met.  Have you considered using snap to send a naughty video or Skype to do a video chat? You don’t have to be in a LDR (long distance relationship) to indulge in technology. Try it and tell me how you like it?

Masturbation May – Day 28: Age to begin! After almost a month, I have to say that today I have zero inspiration to offer. Sometimes you wake up,  someone has knocked you off your educational horse and you lose your wind. I have nothing to give today. Since all of this project has been about my opinions then I’m going to just leave today’s theme to be interpreted on your own and at your own pace, much like your sexual journey. Taking an IG break today✌?

Masturbation May – Day 29: The Safest Sex! Before this self love project wraps up, I wanna highlight a couple things about having sex as safe as you can. Whenever you introduce a new partner to your sex life, you’re accepting the risk of what you might be exposed to. We have all kinds of prophylactics to prevent the spread, but we all know the only true SAFE sex is solo! Make your best sex partner yourself…there’s absolutely zero shame in knowing your body so intimately and how it responds best to touch. Remember today when you are giving yourself the best orgasm two fingers could diddle that you are worth every bit of the effort and time that it requires you to reach your goal.

Masturbation May – Day 30: The Grand Finale! Self love and self care are critical for your health. I hope that you’ve learned a few things along the way, as I’ve enjoyed pulling themes together. Today’s theme is about the autosexual (someone who prefers masturbation to sexual activity with others). While masturbation is absolutely amazing and sometimes you might even choose to complete an orgasm with your own hand, but it’s part of your self care to connect with others. The sexual orientation spectrum is very wide, and lots of us are attracted to the opposite sex, lots attracted to the same sex, and a lot who are attracted to both. The beauty of our sexuality is that its unique to us and our choices. So if you like taco, then eat taco. If you like sausage, then eat sausage. And if you like both, then have a party. Next month, we celebrate Pride, so take a moment to honor all of the rainbow ?