Let’s not be coy here… the month of May is all about the celebration of self-love. In honor of a worthy ceremony, many sex-positive folks are taking on the 31 day challenge by masturbatiung every day this month, and sharing creatively with each other. 


You might be chuckling and wondering about the origination of this day of observance. I was too, so I looked into the history, and found it rather ironic and I thought I’d share. In a December 1994, a New York Times article, indicates the Surgeon General recommended “teaching schoolchildren to masturbate as a way of reducing the spread of AIDS.” It was reported that once President Bill Clinton heard of this, he said “she had to go.” https://www.nytimes.com/1994/12/10/us/surgeon-general-forced-to-resign-by-white-house.htm 


Following these events, Monica Lewinsky went to work for the White House in July 1995, and the rest of her story is part of our American history. The president of the US of A fired the Surgeon General for suggesting masturbation, and then he hired an intern to give him a private show in his oval office. 


Almost with a vision into the future, a San Francisco based company, Good Vibrations began the celebration of National Masturbation Month in May 1995. Over the course of time, this is now an international event.  Its to raise awareness about the health benefits, open up a dialog about sexual habits, destigmatize the use of self-pleasure, and lessen the overall shame in society. The stats show that almost everyone masturbates, and there’s a huge amount of shame for this behavior related to conservative and religious backgrounds. A Sex Positive culture hopes to shift this thinking and drop the negative stigma, because is it really the worst thing possible to be perceived as someone who self-pleasures. In fact, I’d like to say you’re the weirdo if you don’t!!! 


So, I encourage you to join me, join your community, and the others willing to participate in a month of self-love. Find your Sex Positive tribe and follow their creativity. 


Masturbation Month! Day 1 (See previous post – Why Not?) 


Day 2: Toys! Glorious, wonderful, amazing toys! My sweet candy wrapper agrees. And my pussy does too!


Day 3: Masturbation May – try a medicated lube! Get your sexy time on?


Day four – outdoor masturbation! Be sure you’re not enjoying yourself at someone else’s expense. Expose yourself only to the willing. Nature and self sex go together #selflove #masturbationmay


Day 5 – Masturbation May: Why? Awareness, health and safety! (Catching up because I had a no internet break this weekend).


Day 6: Masturbation May! Ever consider why we call the female genitalia a flower?! It’s incredibly important to your physical health to understand your anatomy! The vulva is the external and visible part of the female pussy. The vagina is the pathway to the cervix and Fallopian tubes. There, with that cleared up, women generally focus on the parts of the vulva to stimulate themselves to orgasm. The clit is a much larger horseshoe shaped structure going deeper into your core center, so give her time to build and feel the pleasure increase as the blood flow does so in the area. Comparative to the penis, the clit can swell just as equally as an erect penis. Now go touch yourself and explore the details, and linger as you smell the flowers.


Good morning y’all! Day 7 of Masturbation May starts off with a bang! It’s all about sound today. What parts about the noises of arousal or the climax get you really worked up? I’ve subscribed to the self-love is quiet love for years, but I wanna be more open with my passion so I keep working to express my pleasures vocally. Enjoy!