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A Mistress is a woman in a position of power, similar to a Goddess, High Priestess, or a Star.

I welcome you to learn a bit about me. For as long as I could tell time, I have been watching the night skies and noticing how the moon changes form throughout the month. Having traveled all over the world since my youth, I noticed the stars never changed their landscape all that much. While the surroundings were always changing, I was able to feel that one constant in my environment through the solar system.  I’m an introvert which means I am recharged by nature, and I have been exercising this form of escape or self-healing forever. Introverts have a tendency to notice things that others might not and that’s exactly what I learned to do. I am an observer and I absorb energy, emotion, and a general feeling. I have to take extra care to keep my sensitivities clear from another’s debris. and being so tuned into my intuition means that I find the solace of nature, I am soothed by the predictability of our most primal instincts, and I love spending all my free time exploring the wild spaces around Earth.

I have always felt the exchange of energy in humans and capable of sensing another’s auric field. I can do this type of sensing by pausing to feel the flow. I have symbols and visual representations that offer me insight. I am a rarer personality type that is sensitive to this human clarity. I harness this potential by practicing what I profess to believe in.

I am a Goddess. I am a light worker. I cannot do the work for you, but I can guide you to your highest potential. I offer an opportunity to join the journey to your own self-enhancement.

The physical body is your first impression when meeting another, and I am gifted with a tall frame, standing at 6 feet, I am often the tallest person in the room. And I have undoubtedly allowed that to affect my interactions with others. This stature places me in a physical position to hold power. I channel this presence and can effectively shuffle it out for critical thinking, reasoning and goal setting.

On the contrary, during my experience working directly with children who were victims of abuse and neglect, my role to relate to these small humans and offer support meant utilizing another skill, which is to make myself smaller and quieter, in order to become approachable. It was good for me to see this dynamic nature to adjust in myself and others.  Working with small humans taught me a lot about all of us, and something I treasure most with the advocate/guide role was our ability to flourish when seen at their level. It is an empowering role for me to watch others pursue their paths.

Our physical presence is very much a part of our whole self. Having always been a large-bodied person, I take great pride in accepting my stature. I believe this grandiosity provides me a strength that helps protect the other parts of myself. I own this large body. I created Her. I nurture Her. I protect Her. I am the Amazonian Goddess within me.

Having been disenchanted with the way society is focused on consumption and the destruction of our environment for a very long time, I invested my time in learning alternative ways of relating to Earth through herbs, crystals, and concoctions. I sought out alternative medications. In my earliest practices, I learned about the power of setting intentions and how to manifest your future, how we controlled our own destinies and held our future in our own hands. I felt in tune with my natural side and enlightened spiritually.

A Mistress is definitely a woman in power. I purposely channel the Goddess Diana, the Goddess Isis, Archangel Ariel, the Goddess Kali, and the Holy Fire’s Divine Spirit to bring my holistic Life Coaching and Reiki Practice into focus for my client.


Sweet Queen

The Goddess, “I am a piece of art. I am worthy of your praise.”


Holistic Life Coaching

Are you asking yourself what is Holistic Life Coaching? 

Holistic is a term used to describe your whole self having multiple interconnected parts, how each of these different parts impact the other, and can be combined to achieve fullest potential. Holistic Life Coaching is a journey between you and a certified coach, so these parts can be woven together through your connection with mind, body and spirit. This is a process that you are in complete control of, one that I would love to be part of helping to guide you through, and witnessing your development. 

What do you want? What do you dream about? Is life all you thought it was cracked up to be? 

Areas of experience:

Small Business Entrepreneur 

Body Positivity/Weight Loss Struggles


Past Abuse/Family Issues/Shame Difficulties


Chronic Pain 

Independence/Rewilding the Feminine

BDSM Exploration

Online Holistic Life Coaching or Reiki Session

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