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Mistress Sweet Queen

 I am Mistress Sweet, also referred to as Sweet or Sweet Queen! I am an Amazonian Goddess! I never forget that and allow my ego to reflect it when dealing with the male gender. I will not offer free services. No free pics. No free videos. And certainly, I would never offer my time for free to be your Domme. That is a very special role and one I don’t casually accept. As my submissive, you will be treated with reciprocity. It is my opportunity to educate another, and my pleasure to do so in a kind and strict manner.


Sweet Queen

The Goddess, “I am a piece of art. I am worthy of your praise.” Aside from my wilder primal side, where I exercise my natural responses to human sexuality, this profile reflects my explorer’s desire to discover it all. This is my medium, my paint on the canvas so to speak. I post my photographs to practice my exhibitionism and demonstrate my craft. Enjoy them and leave a comment, it’s always nice to know who’s watching.




Erotic modeling and BDSM fetish photo shoot requests – DM with proposal and potential scheduling dates!

I am sex positive! That does not equate to being a slut, however, the term slut is not offensive to me. Human sexuality is real, it’s raw, and it’s not to be kept a secret.

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Before we begin, I am not here to waste time and I will require you to consider your means, and how you will be able to serve. You’ll be required to discuss your routines, habits, needs, desires, punishments and rewards.  Those making requests who are not serious will not receive a response.