Masturbation May – Day 15! Holy water! Waterfalls are quite a spectacle and they draw crowds from all over just to watch them flow♥️ The power of water is amazing! It can also mimic the force of sexual stimulation. Ever heard a girl say how much she loves her detachable shower head?! ☺️ And it leaves you feeling all sparkling clean. Consider how awesome nature really is the next time you’re looking at a waterfall. ?


Masturbation May – Day 16: Lovense is a fantastic tool for any relationship that has distance! It is also a great way to tease your partner by remote control while out and about. They have created ways for couples to enjoy masturbation together. The male and female components actually work with each other to customize your orgasms. Check them out. @lovensetoys


Masturbation May – Day 17: Yes! Yes! Yes! Come, join me, get loud and get your hands on the pulse. Yes, it’s true women are outraged for good reason and we aren’t staying silent. Not anymore! Make your voices heard for choice, for our right to be free of reproductive slavery, and to have the same inherent rights as men! Hear me roar today, with intolerance and upheaval, because we will not be your sex objects, your fuck toys, not without our ability to scream and shout at inequality. So, here’s your challenge today, go find a place that speaks to you…one where you can climax and be heard!


Masturbation May – Day 18: Hello G-spot! I think it’s important to point out there are multiple types of orgasms for women to take pleasure in. When I first started masturbating, I had discovered my clit and it felt like magic. Years later, when I gave myself permission to explore inside my foreign genitalia, I stumbled into a whole new world. Just inside the vaginal opening, the G-spot has the power to make a woman come with earth-shaking intensity. It’s a structure with slightly different texture and responses to stimulation. Place one finger inside the vagina, and your thumb on your clit, now try bringing them together as if you were picking up a six pack, then with the hand positioned this way you can stimulate much more of the clit, and engage the G-spot into the orgasm game. Once you locate the spot, practice different hand movements to experience the sensations, and give yourself time to reach your goal. It is not unusual for a woman to need at least 20 minutes of stimulation to achieve her promise land. This month is about exploring masturbation, your body and your sexuality. Come here and let me tickle your insides?????


Masturbation May – Day 19: Backdoor, there’s more… Following up on the g-spot from yesterday, while men have a prostate to tickle, women have the extension of the clit and g-spots which can be stimulated thru the rectal wall. Try experimenting a little with lubricant and rubbing around the anus to get the opening to relax. It’s a slow process but you’re worth the time it requires to know all the ways you can experience pleasures.


Masturbation May – Day 20: Selfie time! Have you ever taken a picture of yourself after an orgasm? During? The post-coital glow is amazing and so worthy of an impromptu photo shoot. Taking a photo during is a whole new ballgame. Can you imagine anything hotter than watching yourself reach a climax? Maybe you’ve never tried and you don’t know how much you can add to your own arousal. Try something new today and post your Monday glow pics now that you’re 2/3 finished with the month of self love.


Masturbation May – Day 21: Primal You?! During my morning kiss today, I had an impulse to growl and bite my mate. It was a playful act, but also a very intentional one in my physical response to his touch. I was establishing my own dominant voice as a means to wrestle with his passion. We can either own our inner beast or we can silence it. I choose to honor my animal spirit inside of my human being by allowing myself to listen to those core urges, the primal survival instinct, and the desires to be sexual and emit sexual energy. I already had my interpretation of “primal” solid in my mind, and when I went to translate it into a solo masturbation technique, I questioned how others define it. I offer that info in the images of this post. For me, personally, I see primal as an explanation to behavior that is not necessarily as easily reasoned as human, such as the desire to be seen as prey or predator. I would consider myself an alpha female, but I am also very in tune to my prey side which strangely likes to be hunted and exploited by my predator. I think we can side heavily with a prey or predator stance, or we can desire both. Nature causes us to do more than we understand, and that effort to keep the human species thriving makes us want to FUCK. This project is about self love and awareness, so today I encourage you to get primal with yourself. Tap into your animal side and feel it; utilize the senses to taste, smell, hear, and be audible. Lay down without any toys, use your hands to caress your neck, rub your breasts with a heavy hand, grab your nipples and squeeze, scratch your nails down your own tummy and find your heat! Allow your fingertips to explore your body like a piece of flesh you’ve secured as your next meal, indulge your beast, and give it the satisfaction of being alive!